Alexandra Faye Sadeghian Stars as Mother Cabrini in New Documentary MOTHER CABRINI LEGACY

Jan 16, 2020 511

Brooklyn Filmmaker, Glen Mitku, teamed up with Italian Sculptor, Sergio Furnari, to make a short documentary, about Sergio's dream to sculpt the Mother Cabrini tribute statue and create a Mother Cabrini School of the Arts. They cast Alexandra Faye Sadeghian in the role of Mother Cabrini in "Mother Cabrini Legacy".

Alexandra Faye Sadeghian is an actress that has been featured  in the documentary, "The Smiling Strangers", Karmen" and Superstorm: A Love Story". Instagram @alexandrafaye16. Glen Mitku is a film director and producer,  known for Alone(2019), Feel Memory (2020) and Nadia Jaan (2020)

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