After delays, South Tampa Italian restaurant Olivia opens next month

Sep 19, 2019 530

Last October CL announced the latest concept by local restaurateurs Chris and Michelle Ponte (of Clearwater's Cafe Ponte and Hyde Park's On Swann) who are working alongside their son, JT Mahoney, on an Italian cuisine restaurant, Olivia. We've been waiting patiently for nearly a year on updates, and now we have some. A rep at the restaurant blamed construction delays on the government shutdown, but also told CL that the restaurant is now on track to open late October. 

Olivia lives at 3601 W. Swann Ave., which is the former Carmel Kitchen that closed in August 2018. Locals can get ready for a menu that mixes northern and southern Italian cuisine, which means Neapolitan 'zas and a wide range of pasta dishes. The Pontes have recruited seasoned head chef Joseph Walsh from Bobby Van’s Steakhouse in New York City to lead the way.

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