Adrienne Iapalucci Wiki: Facts About the Comedian on Netflix’s “The Degenerates,” Season 2

Jan 03, 2020 721

BY: Caroline John

Netflix is bringing back the seedy underbelly of the stand-up world with The Degenerates season 2 in December. Adrienne Iapalucci is the comedian to watch among the lineup of cynical and politically incorrect comics. If you haven’t checked out this comedian’s scathing sarcasm yet, our Adrienne Iapulucci wiki is the primer you need before binging on The Degenerates. 

Adrienne Iapalucci Is from the Bronx
Born on February 17, 1978, Adrienne Iapalucci hails from the Bronx. The comedienne grew up with her sister in Morris Park, one of the Italian neighborhoods in New York, speaking to her Italian heritage.

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