Adam Ferrara is always writing jokes — even while playing pool

Oct 07, 2019 177

BY: Barbara Hoffman

On weekends, I like to start the day slowwww-ly. I’ll get up and bring my wife coffee, because I’m on the road a lot, so when I’m home, I like to make it nice for her. Plus, I’m Catholic, so I have a lot of guilt.

Then we’ll walk. Sometimes we go up to Strawberry Fields and sit there. I like to walk up Fifth Avenue and turn up on 14th Street to get that hit of the Empire State building. Eventually, you gotta make your way over to Seventh and get up to 72nd and the Dakota’s on your left. We’ll sit in Strawberry Fields and watch the people, and I’ll try to make my wife laugh, thinking of dialogue for everybody. That’s how I got the idea for my podcast, “30 minutes you’ll never have back again.”

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