Abruzzo: Why Visit Gagliano Aterno?

Jun 26, 2020 118

Why visit Abruzzo’s charming Gagliano Aterno, in Italy’s gorgeous L’Aquila Province? Where is Gagliano Aterno? Have you heard of Gagliano Aterno? If you can possibly tire of stunning Sulmona, then venture on a day trip to the quaint medieval village of Gagliano Aterno.

Gagliano Aterno

Perched at a height of 653-metres within the National Park of Sirente-Velino – in the southern part of the Sirente mountain range – Gagliano is not on the tourist trail. You are assured of an authentic Italian experience in this village of around 250 people and one that is different from other traversed areas of Abruzzo.

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