Abruzzo: Spectacular Sulmona, Part 1

Jun 26, 2020 40

Abruzzo’s spectacular Sulmona seizes and captivates your heart – you won’t ever want to leave! A few days is not enough to explore the must-sees of this fabulous underrated city. Where is Sulmona? Have you heard of Italy’s Sulmona? With an invitation to spend a few days over Easter in Sulmona with friends, I’m not crazy enough to pass up this opportunity.


The chilly April air and soaring snow-capped Apennine Mountains nearby haunt and tease your journey until finally, the bus arrives in Sulmona. A comfortable base from which to explore the superb province of L’Aquila – most mountainous of the Abruzzo region – Sulmona sits in the Valle Peligna’s plateau whilst edging the ridge of the Apennine Mountains. These majestic rugged mountains run almost the entire length of Italy.

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SOURCE: https://imageearthtravel.com

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