7 Sicilian Wines to Try, Recommended by an NYC Wine Bar Owner

Jun 27, 2020 314

BY: Patty Diez

Just off the toe of Italy’s boot is where you’ll find Sicily, the largest among the Mediterranean islands. Agriculture on the island is quite the phenomenon; from pistachios, lemons, and oranges (Sicily is Italy’s largest producer of citrus fruits) to wheat, almonds, and olives, Sicily’s mountainous terrain paired with an enviable sun exposure produces an enviable bounty.

Of course, there’s wine too. The grapes most commonly-grown in the region include nero d’avola (the most widely planted) and frappato for red; and catarratto, grillo, and inzolia for white grapes — all which you’ll find across Sicily’s key wine regions like Sicilia, Etna, and Marsala DOCs. And while many of the wines produced in Sicily never even make it to the U.S., the ones that do have always represented the best the local wine regions have to offer

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SOURCE: https://www.eater.com

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