In the ’50s, this Valley deli brought ‘a piece of Little Italy’ to Canoga Park. Today, the meatballs are still coming and ‘That’s Amore’ is still spinning

Jul 27, 2019 203

BY: Dennis McCarthy

Lou Cavaretta looked west from his Boston home in the late 1950’s, and saw his future – meatball sandwiches and cannoli’s. Thousands of East Coast transplants, tired of the freezing winters, had settled in sunny San Fernando Valley, and while they loved the place, they all had the same complaint.

They couldn’t find any good Italian deli’s out here. Chef Boyardee just wasn’t cutting it. Lou smiled and headed west. He bought a little store at 22045 Sherman Way in Canoga Park in 1959, and opened Cavaretta’s Italian Deli. It was like the Yankees, Red Sox, and Cubs had just announced they were moving their franchises west to join the Dodgers.

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