4th annual Amsterdam ItaliaFest scheduled for Saturday

Sep 03, 2019 222

BY: Jason Subik

Saturday will mark the 4th annual Amsterdam ItaliaFest, the largest annual tourism event in the city. Mayor Michael Villa said during the first year of his administration he revived what had been a decades long annual tradition of an Italian festival held on Amsterdam's Southside.

He said the success of the ItaliaFest has been the cornerstone of his administration's effort to increase marketing and tourism through its #FestCityUSA and #SoMuchToDoinAmsterdamNY social media campaigns. "It was one of our first new events, going back in 2015," Villa said. "This is the fourth year, hard to believe really. We're really proud of it. It set the tone moving forward, the success of this one. This brings the biggest crowd."

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SOURCE: https://dailygazette.com

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