11 Best Italian Restaurants in New York

Sep 03, 2019 293


You can't throw a meatball in New York City without hitting an Italian restaurant. Look around on your next stroll: there's one on every block. Italian-American, elevated Italian, salt-of-the-earth Italian, Roman, Venetian, Neapolitan ... there's enough Italian in New York that you could eat at a new restaurant every day. So how to choose? See below. View this list in Google Maps.

Al di La

Roughly translated as "the great beyond" from Italian, this Park Slope restaurant was the great beyond when it first opened, long before Brooklyn and Park Slope were hip and trendy and influencing the planet with its DIY coolness. The cuisine is that of the Veneto, which gets much less attention than its Italian regional brethren Piedmont, Lazio, Tuscany, Campania, and Sicily. But you'll be equally impressed. The calf liver alla Veneziana is excellent, especially in the colder weather months, and the tortelli di zucca, roasted squash-stuffed ravioli, are excellent.

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SOURCE: https://www.newsweek.com/

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