Frank Sinatra Loved Miami

May 10, 2019 864

BY: Alex Windley

“My name….is Francis Albert…” are the first lines Frank Sinatra sings on the ‘Future’ section of his autobiographical magnum opus Trilogy: Past, Present, Future. A rather candid album, Sinatra reflects on his life and everything that made it great and not so great. He talks about his childhood in Hoboken, New Jersey, what he thinks the future will be like and his wild escapades during his golden years.

Like most people, my experience with Frank Sinatra came at a young age. In high school, my English teacher introduced me to the world of classic films through various musicals, Hitchcock thrillers, and the occasional Vittorio de Sico directed Italian neo-realist romance. Despite watching all those films, no movie star had an impact on me as big as Frank Sinatra. Sinatra and his charisma on-screen immediately captivate my heart and mind. His smooth demeanor and his happy go lucky acting quickly cemented him as one of my favorite classic Hollywood performers.  

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