From Viareggio to Brooklyn, the Universe Inside Angelica Bergamini

Nov 18, 2020 369

BY: Manuela Antonucci

It is the end of 2016. In America, Trump has just been elected President. Angelica Bergamini has lived in Brooklyn since 2006. She’s an artist from Viareggio who relocated to New York. After the elections, she began producing a new kind of work: her recurrent motif now takes the form of a root.

A sort of flight from the climate of uncertainty prevailing in the wake of the socio-political situation the artist was experiencing in the USA at that time. Sometimes colored red, the roots stand out even more, with a deeper significance: rediscovering one’s roots or remaining firmly connected. A veritable need to belong, to be “grounded”, as the artist herself was to explain in an interview years later.

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