Here's Your Chance to Own a Piece of a (Nearly) One-of-a-Kind Lamborghini

Jan 29, 2019 635


This is the story of how one lost Lamborghini found its home. In 1980, approximately 120 Lamborghini Countachs were manufactured. Sharp-angled and sexy, with scissor doors and a powerful rear mid-engine, they emblematized the uncompromising vision of the Italian sports car. Two such Countachs ended up as show cars at a Lamborghini dealership in Switzerland, where the owner, imaginative man that he was, decided to install twin turbo-charged V12 engines, maximizing their torque and boosting their acceleration.

The pair toured Europe, showing up in a bevy of photographs with pagans in thrall to their quiet power. Then they became separated. One was sold to an American casino magnate named Bill Pennington, who took it home with him and was said to have displayed it, proudly, in his living room. But when Pennington died it went to his estate and disappeared somewhere along the way, lost, it seemed, forever....

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