Antonio Vendome NYC Uses His Real Estate To Embrace Humanity

Feb 14, 2020 671

Antonio Vendome, popularly known as ‘Nino’, is a real example of a person who carries the American dream in his heart. At barely 10 years, Antonio Vendome NYC was doing shoe-shining, but he since has risen to become a renowned real estate developer and investor. His dream was to be carried through by his daughter Raquel Vendome when she decided to quit her career in early childhood education to chase the dream of her father.

She has since taken over Vendome Property Management throughout Manhattan and Queens. She has injected her creativity into Vendome projects to realize the most successful Urban Glass House, SoHo art galleries, Habitable Sculpture among other serious real estate investments. With Raquel by his side, this serious business magnate is unstoppable.

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