All Eyes On Valentina Perissi: The Italian Bringing Art Fashion To New York

Jan 23, 2020 392

BY: Ileana Exaras

New York City carries all sorts of stories on its streets. Valentina Perissi’s is hard to miss. Maybe its her multi- dimensional leather jacket, or hand- painted handbag, but above all its her Italian persistence. She chooses neither to walk as fast as others, nor to race anyone to skyscraping success, rather she allows her intricate work and experienced talent to pave her special way.

Her designs are made of dreams, reflecting the inner compass that brought her to the world’s wildest city. About 6 years ago, artist and designer Valentina Perissi left the world’s fashion capital, Italy, along with a luxurious career to fulfill her Florentine childhood dreams of living in New York, a movement followed by many Europeans and beyond, who seek to break away from the predictability of their home countries. 

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