Michigan is 'rabid' motorcycle market, says CEO of Ducati North America

Jan 31, 2018 954

BY: Phoebe Wall Howard

Motorcycles are cool. But the Ducati brand is, objectively speaking, the coolest. Jim Harp, an electrician from Smiths Creek, recently put down a $500 deposit on his second Italian motorcycle in Birmingham.  “How do I compare my old one to the new one? It’s like a flip phone versus the iPhone X,” he said. “Ducati just has a mystique.”

Known for its sexy ads and champion racers who drive more than 200 m.p.h., the company has transformed its products from just high-end luxury toys to a collection of new models and styles that appeal to everyday riders. Ducati has unveiled five new motorcycles for 2018 alone. And Michigan is a top market in the nation based on sheer volume.

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SOURCE: https://www.freep.com

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