Pivot to a Trans-Atlantic Market

Jun 15, 2013 1103

by Marta Dassù and Charles A. Kupchan

Yes, the United States is pivoting to Asia, one of the reasons for the tête-à-tête last week between Barack Obama and Xi Jinping. But behind the scenes, President Obama has actually been reorienting U.S. diplomacy toward Europe.

At the outset of his second term, Obama unfurled a bold initiative — the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, or T.T.I.P., to facilitate free trade between the United States and the European Union. The president is headed to Berlin next week to meet with Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday and Wednesday to discuss the euro crisis, the global economy, and defense and other issues. No doubt he will also sing the praises of U.S.-European cooperation.

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Source: The New York Times

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