Italian Dad Solves Energy Crisis While Living American Dream In Teaneck

Dec 27, 2016 1545

by Cecilia Levine

For Teaneck's Daniele Dario, it started with a watch. A biodegradable one, particularly. A gift from his mother back home in Venice, Italy, when he was 6. She explained that the watch was made from recycled materials, which was better for the planet than using plastic or other artificial materials. When Dario moved from to Teaneck in 2008, he remembered the watch.

Well, he remembered the lesson he learned from his mom at such a young age: reduce, reuse, recycle. What Dario noticed when he immigrated was how much energy was being wasted. It was quite different from the Italian way of life — with recycling bins for glass, metal and plastic on practically every corner.

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