Engaging business diversity at Italian Market

Nov 17, 2016 307

by Patrick Bilow 

Among the bouquets she was preparing to sell, Cookie Cilibti, the owner of Betty Ann's Italian Market Florist, kept a disco light from Casanova Music Center in her store last week. "I love this project," Cilibti said. "My customers are confused when they see the disco light, but I like explaining to them what 9th Street Stock Exchange is all about."

The art exhibit, funded by the Mural Arts Program, is a rotation of products among eight different businesses within the Italian Market on 9th Street near Christian in Bella Vista. Jon Rubin, a South Philadelphia-based artist, and Theresa Rose, the project curator and a 1998 art education alumna, introduced the exhibit to the market in mid-October.

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Source: http://temple-news.com/

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