ArteStile to offer consumers a choice in beauty

Oct 13, 2013 1017

Many people think the evolution of tweezers and beauty implements have nowhere else to go. ArteStile (arte-eh-steel-eh) is here to prove those wrong. The only beauty implement that is fully made in Italy is now available in Canada and the USA.

ArteStile is 100% Made in Italy, individually hand-crafted, and all products are perfect for sensitive skin because there's nothing glamorous about lead. ArteStile does not use any latex, nickel, lead, or chrome. ArteStile only uses certified surgical stainless steel – and best of all, includes many colors and patterns to customize your daily beauty routine. The ArteStile Collection includes a patented baked enamel for an exceptional in-hand feel, and comes in multiple prints including Pink, Black, Zebra and the most popular, Hugs & Kisses.

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