Festa Italiana Raleigh, Inc, cancels September 26 street fair; adapts 2020 activities to changing business and public health realities

Jul 03, 2020 242

BY: Loreins "Larry" Vellani

Festa Italiana Raleigh, Inc.--a nonprofit corporation and the sponsor of the Triangle’s largest, most diverse, annual celebration of Italian and American Italian culture—announces the cancellation of its annual, shoulder-to-shoulder, open-air street fair, “Festa Italiana Raleigh,” originally scheduled for September 26, 2020 in the Glenwood South Neighborhood of Raleigh, NC.

There is a growing consensus among conscientious business owners, entertainers, local charities, public health and safety officials, as well as the general public, that North Carolina will remain in a ‘business-not-so-usual’ mode for the foreseeable future. However, when life gives Italians lemons, they make limoncello! Festa Italiana Raleigh looks forward to providing an exciting 2021 event showcasing the rich, diverse Italian cultural heritage for all to enjoy!

Festa Italiana Raleigh will continue its efforts to celebrate the universally-vibrant Italian culture, as well as to raise charitable funds throughout the year. Consult the Festa website, https://www.festaitalianaraleigh.com/, and its Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/festaraleigh/, for exciting updates!

For more information about Festa Italiana Raleigh, Inc., or its supported charities, contact either of Festa Italiana Raleigh’s volunteer co-chairs: Fran Giannuzzi, fgiannuzzi94@gmail.com, 919.650.314; or Anthony Luise, aluise@bellsouth.net, 919.796.4494. Avanti alla FESTA! + + 33 + + Please Note: All Festa Italiana Raleigh, Inc., activities are fully observant of and compliant with the best public health practices in place at the time of its events. If any country or culture is aware of the power and consequences of a novel virus, it is Italy—ancora il Bel Paese--and her millions of children and admirers around the globe.

SOURCE: Festa Italiana Raleigh, Inc.

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