Ciancia next meeting: Go eat give goes to Varuni

Jul 21, 2015 1776

WEDNESDAY JULY 29, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.
GO EAT GIVE c/o Varuni Napoli
1540 Monroe Drive, NE - Atlanta, GA 30324

Since Go Eat Give's next destination is Italy, with a meeting to be held at Varuni-Napoli - an award-winning, pizza venue in town - we decided to skip our regular meeting in favor of Go Eat Give. Go Eat Give is a non-profit organization with a mission: raising awareness of the complex and varying facets of our world's cultures, cuisine and customs. Led by Sucheta Rawal, a long-lime member and supporter of our club, known for her backyard dinners and homemade gelato, Go Eat Give holds a non-stop tour of different national cuisines, with monthly meetings and site traveling to amazing places.

Of course, the format of this meeting is different. You need to purchase a ticket, which includes unlimited food, performance by Italian actress Nicole Cimino, speakers on Art Tour to Italy and how to sponsor your international vacations. You will then purchase your own wine at a special club price. The proceeds will primarily benefit the 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit, Go Eat Give, and its goals, with a small part going toward Ciancia's running costs. Some performances expected, plus a general presentation about the customs of Italy by the owners of the hosting venue.

RSVP is requested in advance. Tickets are $45 ($35 for Go Eat Give and Ciancia members) online at and include food, tax, tips, speakers, live entertainment and prizes.

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