Young Italians

Jul 27, 2018 516

Curated by Ilaria Bernardi and jointly organized with the Magazzino Italian Art as a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Young Italians exhibition, which was held in 1968 at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston and at the Jewish Museum in New York, and which was dedicated to young Italian art from that time, the group show with the same title at Italian Cultural Institute in New York offers a similar analysis, but focused on the young Italian art today, its aim being to support it, make it known in the United States, and ponder what is unique about it.

For the present exhibition twelve artists under the age of 40 were selected. All of them were born, grew up, and even now work in Italy, or have moved to New York. All the artists have shown their work in important exhibitions, won prizes, been acknowledged, and seem to have in common a specific attitude. Artists: Davide Balliano, Danilo Correale, Irene Dionisio, Antonio Fiorentino, Silvia Giambrone, Antonio Domenico Mancini, Elena Mazzi, Luca Monterastelli, Ornaghi&Prestinari, Gian Maria Tosatti, Eugenia Vanni, Serena Vestrucci.

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