Marino Marini: Arcadian Nudes

Mar 11, 2020 146

BY: Brandt Junceau

Marino Marini (1901 –1980) led a 20th-century life. He was the portrait sculptor of the era. His postwar horsemen are perhaps the most credible monuments of the Western world’s near-death experience and shaken conscience. Sophisticated decoration as well: Bogart had one in his office in Sabrina (1954). But before the celebrated horses, work in an entirely different key, the “arcadian nudes” now to be seen at the Center for Italian Modern Art, were at the very germ of his achievement.

The exhibition could well have been titled Nudes Interrupted, or Nudes from Dark Times. These approximately 30 figures, all sizes, all women, made between 1932 and 1949, were born under Fascism. In 1942 the artist and his wife were bombed out of both home and studio, and they crossed the Swiss frontier to Tenero, where Marini continued this work in exile. 

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