Italy Completes Her Unification. World War I, and Its Aftermath - November 21, 2014 at 7:00pm

Nov 01, 2014 515

Professor Louis Leonini returns to our Center to complete the story of how Italy finally completed her unification as a result of World War I.

Why and how did Italy enter this war, which during its duration and the chaos that followed took a horrendous toll on all her resources, finances, and the lives of citizens? What sections of territory were added to Italy as a result of her participation in the war, and what territories were promised, but then denied? Why, after so much blood and effort, did Italy feel betrayed by the allies, and what political forces and chaotic violence were released after the war that put Italy on the road to dictatorship?

Must register in advance and prepay. Members $15, Non-Members $25ù
Location: Westchester Italian Cultural Center • One Generoso Pope Place • Tuckahoe, New York 10707


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