Farewell to Aldo Mancusi

May 19, 2022 329

Commendatore Aldo Mancusi was the founder, curator and President of the Enrico Caruso Museum of America. He dedicated much of his life to enlightening us to the wonder of Enrico Caruso and in doing has kept alive the voice and life of the greatest tenor in the world. Aldo’s ability and desire to share his passion for Caruso came from the love he experienced as the child of wonderful immigrant parents and the love of a very patient and participating wife, Lisa.

Together they opened the Museum in their home to hundreds of visitors sharing Caruso’s recordings and artifacts with thousands more during exhibitions here and in Italy. Aldo’s well-regarded reputation came from keeping Caruso’s voice and fame ever-present in our modern world; but also from his intelligence, perseverance, humor and Neapolitan spirit. His commitment to promoting Caruso and the Museum has given us many years of cultural edification.

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SOURCE: https://www.tributearchive.com

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