Explorers Emigrants Citizens: A Visual History of the Italian American Experience

Mar 28, 2014 1246

Presentation of the Library of Congress-Anniversary book and lecture: "Explorers Emigrants Citizens: A Visual History of the Italian American Experience." By co-author and guest speaker Dr. Mario B. Mignone, SUNY, distinguished service professor at Stony Brook University, and editor of Forum Italicum.

For the first time Italian-American history is seen through the collections of the Library of Congress. The book, co-authored by an Italian, Antonio Canovi, and an
Italian-American, Mario B. Mignone, contains over 500 images ranging from the
first map ever using the name "America", to the portraits of Joe DiMaggio and
Marilyn Monroe from Look magazine. These images show the diversity of
Italian-Americans themselves and of the lives they led in the United States.

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