Endicott's Sons of Italy chapter serves up weekly homemade lunch

Dec 23, 2018 397

BY: Maggie Gilroy

About two decades ago, members of Endicott's Sons of Italy began gathering every Friday for lunch. At first, the lunches were simple. "It just started out as a group of guys getting together for lunch," said group member Steve Rogers. "And then it turned into this." 

Every week, the chapter's location at 126 Odell Ave. in Endicott fills with hundreds of hungry diners. A line forms from the kitchen to the back door, as attendees anticipate the week's latest home-cooked lunch. The decadent — and quintessentially Italian — scent that wafts from the kitchen is a small clue of what is on the menu each week.

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SOURCE: https://eu.pressconnects.com

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