The DeSimones mark their 75th wedding anniversary: could be Staten Island’s longest-married couple

Aug 19, 2021 729

He serenaded her with the magic of “You Made Me Love You,” the timeless classic he played on horn when he caught the eye of a beautiful young lovely at a social dance in Red Hook, Brooklyn. It was kismet. And two hearts became one. If you believe there’s truth to the old adage that destiny is scripted in the stars and fate and true love go hand in hand, you’ll want to read Anna and Joseph DeSimone’s story. It’ll warm your heart.

Ever since that memorable day some 77 years ago, the loving couple, who would eventually become man and wife, have never left one another’s side. The two were each born to Italian immigrant parents and both resided, at the time, in the Carroll Gardens section of Brooklyn. The time frame? The war years — 1944, to be exact — when WW II was still raging throughout Europe.

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