Columbus Parade Helps Italians Celebrate Heritage in Bensonhurst Amid Changes

Oct 01, 2018 785

The proud traditions of Bensonhurst’s Italian-American community will be on full display when the 37th Annual Brooklyn Columbus Day Parade takes place on 18th Avenue (AKA Cristoforo Columbo Boulevard after the Italian name for the explorer) on Saturday, Oct. 6. New York City will hold a parade on Columbus Day Day, Monday, Oct. 8, on Fifth Avenue. But Brooklyn likes to host its own parade.

Sponsored by the Federation of Italian-American Organizations (FIAO) of Brooklyn, the parade is a longstanding Bensonhurst tradition that still draws large crowds every October, despite the fact that the neighborhood has undergone a sea of change in recent years, transitioning from a predominantly Italian-American community to one that is largely Asian-American.

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