Chiara Valerio - NLE Festival

Nov 08, 2018 895

A conversation with writer Chiara Valerio who represents Italy at the 2018 edition of The New Literature from Europe Festival (New York 27/29 November). The author will talk about Natalia Ginzburg’s Caro Michele; opening remarks by Alessandro Giammei. Chiara Valerio, born in Scauri (Latina) in 1978, has a doctorate in mathematics from the Federico II University of Naples and lives in Rome.

She is an editor for the magazine Nuovi Argomenti and a contributor to the literary blog Nazione Indiana; she has written both for the theater and the radio, and has collaborated with the cultural program "Pane quotidiano", for Rai 3. For the publisher Nottetempo has directed the series "", dedicated to new writers of Italian fiction. Together with Anna Antonelli, Fabiana Carobolante and Lorenzo Pavolini, she is responsible for the "Ad alta voce" program of Rai Radio 3. 

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