Arthur Ave. & Mulberry St. to Shut Down and Bring Back the Ferragosto, San Gennaro Feasts

Sep 05, 2021 750

Tourists not familiar with this end of NYC will call it Belmont, but the Bronx neighborhood known as Arthur Avenue is a true, old school Little Italy. It’s home to a string of century-old red sauce joints and family-run shops that serve a diverse clientele — from the Italian regulars and families who have been coming for decades, to all the welcomed newcomers.

A point that often mystifies those who live and work in the neighborhood is that some locals and tourists alike aren’t even aware of its existence, as many instead flock to Lower Manhattan’s historic Little Italy on Mulberry Street. Thing is, you can’t go to one without visiting the other and both neighborhoods are once again holding larger-than-life feasts in September.

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