Ameri-Sicula: Sicilian culture in America

Sep 20, 2020 182

Oct 1 at 7pm EDT. Presented by Mark Hehl. FREE. Click here for more info & to register. Like many Italian Americans, Mark Hehl grew up with a foot in two worlds. At home, his mother maintained many rich southern Italian traditions. In school, and on the streets of Brooklyn, he was American.

After writing his second book An Immigrant’s Dilemma, Legas, 2019, Mark realized that he did not do an adequate job of passing down these wonderful southern Italian traditions to his children. This motivated him to set out on a two-year quest to solicit contributions from individuals with similar Italian upbringings resulting in the book: Ameri-Sicula: Sicilian Culture in America, Legas, 2020. This way these rich traditions would not be lost and could be passed down to future generations.

This presentation will highlight some of these wonderful traditions and cause those in attendance with similar backgrounds to reminisce.

SOURCE: Westchester Italian Cultural Center

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