A Slice of Brooklyn Bus Tours Celebrates Nine Year Anniversary

Aug 19, 2014 584

"Manhattan? FUHGETTABOUDIT!" That's the official slogan of A Slice of Brooklyn Bus Tours (http://www.asliceofbrooklyn.com) as they celebrate their 9th anniversary taking tourists from around the world on authentic guided bus tours of NYC's most populous borough. Started in 2005 by native Brooklynite Tony Muia, the family-run company is the only NYC based tour company conducting guided bus tours featuring Brooklyn's favorite foods, neighborhoods, landmarks and famous movie locations.

"I wanted to create an easy way for visitors to hop on a bus in Manhattan and experience Brooklyn from a native's perspective." says owner/operator Tony Muia. "When I started doing tours nine years ago, Brooklyn wasn't as hot as it is now. Nobody was bothering to go pick people up in Manhattan and bring them to Brooklyn, so I took it upon myself to be its official ambassador."

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Source: http://www.prweb.com/

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