Sargent brought industrious Italian workers to New Haven

Mar 24, 2019 280

BY: Frank Carrano

It’s difficult now, as we look at the current configuration of Wooster Square, to imagine and appreciate the magnitude of the Italian settlement there in the early part of the 20th century. Looking at the official census documents or copies of the city directory during that period gives us a sense of the density and homogeneity of the area. On street after street, the residents are identified as being of Italian origin.

While the original Yankee mansions on Chapel Street and around the park were eventually carved up into smaller rental units, there were some exceptions. The two businessmen, Pepe and Maisano, for instance, partners in an importing company, occupied large homes opposite each other, facing the park. The Maisano home at 11 Wooster Place is now the site of Iovanne Funeral Home, while Mr. and Mrs. Pepe lived at 10 Academy St.

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