Roberto Visani’s Sculptures Reconfigure Slavery in Art History

Apr 27, 2022 164


When the pandemic arrived in 2020, Roberto Visani didn't just hole up with a new puppy or sourdough starter. He got to work on an art project that would span 19th-century history and 21st-century design technology. Over the next two years, the Brooklyn-based artist created a collection of sculptures that is nothing short of remarkable, both aesthetically and conceptually.

The results of Visani's pursuit are on view in his solo show, titled "Form/Reform," at the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center. Installed throughout the capacious front gallery, Visani's works are larger-than-life figures that sit, stand or kneel; one is a bust on a pedestal, and another is a horse-and-riders frieze on a wall. At first glance, these are standard art tropes. But a closer examination reveals radical departures.

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