Paul Cary Goldberg – Tutta la Famiglia

Mar 08, 2020 665

Saturday March 14 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm - I AM BOOKS, 189 NORTH STREET, BOSTON, MA 02113. Join us for a community celebration in honor of the newly released Tutta la Famiglia! Photographer Paul Cary Goldberg talks about his long-term photo project at Caffe Sicilia in Gloucester, Mass., and the process of getting his book published.

This body of work began in 2007. Its evolution has been “organic.” No preconceptions. No plan. My only conscious objective was to teach myself how to use a digital camera after shooting film for 30+ years. I figured that the activity and the people at Caffe Sicilia would provide a good learning situation. (Paul Cary Goldberg)


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