No more public Columbus Day celebrations in Wellesley, MA

Apr 07, 2021 355

BY: Cathy Brauner

Regardless of which side they were on, the one thing most people who spoke up at Monday's Select Board discussion of the replacement of Columbus Day could agree on was that it was a difficult and often painful decision. In the end, the board sided 4-1 with the voters who on March 2 supported a non-binding resolution changing the second Monday in October to Indigenous Peoples' Day.

That change affects only the town calendars. The day remains as Columbus Day at the federal and state level. Town Meeting had voted last summer to support the change to Indigenous Peoples' Day. The World of Wellesley, a nonprofit that has championed the cause of Indigenous Peoples' Day, immediately notified the community of Monday's vote and thanked those who had voted to support the change.

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