March 2 election: Columbus Day vs. Indigenous Peoples Day

Feb 24, 2021 421

BY: Cathy Brauner

For years, the celebration of Columbus Day went on without protest in Wellesley, which has a substantial population of people of Italian-American descent. But more recently, there has been a hard-fought battle to replace it with Indigenous Peoples Day. The March 2 ballot contains a referendum on the issue. "The referendum results are to inform the Select Board," said Town Clerk K.C. Kato. "However, the information is not binding."

The World of Wellesley has been in favor of the change. It argues that many Italian-Americans in fact support the replacement of Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day. More about its position is available on the WOW website. "In the March 2 election, Wellesley voters have the opportunity to unite against racism and honor Indigenous Peoples with a yes vote on Question 1," WOW argues.

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