Maine town will consider renaming Columbus Day, but not until after Columbus Day

Sep 29, 2017 970

BY: Maia Zewert

A Newcastle selectman has suggested that the town formally recognize the second Monday in October, Columbus Day, by some other name. Joel Lind brought the topic up for discussion during the Newcastle Board of Selectmen’s meeting on Monday, after reading an article about the Portland City Council’s resolution to recognize the day as Indigenous Peoples’ Day. BangorBelfastBrunswick and Orono have also decided to celebrate indigenous people instead of, or along with, the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus.

Lind said that due to the area’s Native American heritage, he wanted to see if the other selectmen would support renaming the day. “It’s a movement towns have been making and I think it’s the right move to make,” Lind said. Lind said Columbus had “no real redeeming qualities.” The new name of the holiday would not have to be Indigenous Peoples’ Day, as other towns have chosen, and could instead be something to celebrate the area, Lind said.

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