Italian American of the Year believes in giving back to the community

Sep 27, 2013 1887

Michael Petrucelli, 88, believes it's important to give back to the community. He's given so much back that this year the Milford Columbus Committee has named him Milford's Italian American of the Year.

He will be honored at a dinner dance Friday, Oct. 4, at Grassy Hill Country Club.

Petrucelli was born in Bridgeport on Nov. 23, 1924, the son of John and Lucia Riccio Petrucelli, both natives of Castlefranco, Province of Bennevento, Italy. His father died at 33 from pneumonia, leaving his mother to take charge. "Although only 5'4," she was a towering person in strength and character," Petrucelli said. "She supported her sons by making linens and crocheting the edges, a trade she learned in Italy. She sold them by going house to house, while pushing a carriage."

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