Identical twin sisters celebrate their 100th birthday in Portland

May 19, 2019 665

BY: Kelley Bouchard

Ninety years ago, Amelia and Mary Pizzo spent their 10th birthday aboard a ship bound for Ellis Island. On Wednesday, the identical twins spent the afternoon with close family members, celebrating their 100th birthday together. They shared pizza and cake, and reminisced over photo albums and obituaries clipped from newspapers through the years.

Though alike in many ways, the petite centenarians have individual tastes and fiery spirits that have sustained them for decades. While Amelia “Millie” Pizzo Lane drinks tea and enjoys a daily can of Pepsi, Mary Pizzo McCarthy prefers coffee and drinks a glass of red wine each day. “I really think my wine is keeping me alive,” Mary joked during the gathering at her Portland home. “My father made wine. I was brought up on it.”

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