Five of the best “Caught in Providence” moments

Dec 25, 2017 1628

BY: Casey Nilsson

Judge Frank Caprio is Rhode Island. He’s Italian. He’s got the accent. He’s blunt, but kindhearted. He makes us look good. And now, he’s getting his own national TV show. That’s right: Your favorite courtroom superstar — sorry, Judge Judy — will debut on Fox stations around the nation this fall, according to an announcement on the “Caught in Providence” Facebook page.

The series has garnered more than one billion views on YouTube — quite a feat for a grandfatherly octogenarian who hears cases on parking violations and speeding tickets. (Although, kind of full-circle with Providence parking enforcers appearing on A&E’s “Parking Wars,” don’t you think?) But we locals have always loved him; Caprio’s brother, Joe, began filming his courtroom decisions two decades ago for public access TV.

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