Farrell knighted in Italy for work on purity of olive oil

Oct 01, 2013 2517

By Andrew Ragali

Local resident Jerry Farrell Jr. was recently knighted by Italian royalty.
Farrell, a former town councilor, was named a Knight Official of the Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus during a visit to Vatican City earlier this month. The honor was bestowed upon Farrell by Prince Victor Emmanuel IV of Savoy, the head of the Italian royal family, during events Sept. 12-15 in Rome .

Farrell is of Italian-American decent and is the great-grandson of Michael and Emilia Audisio, who settled in Wallingford in 1904. A lawyer by trade, Farrell was named the 2011 Connecticut Italian-American Lawyer of the Year. He was also named Wallingford's 2003 Italian-American of the Year.

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Source: http://www.myrecordjournal.com

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