Editorial — A historic legacy: Italian-American Civic Association has enriched our community

Apr 29, 2019 292

Speaking to fellow members at a fundraising dinner in 1949, Carmello Spano highlighted the value of constructing a building to house the Italian-American Civic Association. “It will not be for me to gain from the fruits of this building but our children,” the 83-year-old Watertown resident said. He was right. The children and grandchildren of the early members of this extraordinary organization have benefited richly from the work it has carried out from its facility on Bellew Avenue.

Mr. Spano’s comment also reflected the mindset of the Italian-American Civic Association’s founders. They wanted to create a group that would enhance prospects for their families and those who would follow in the many years to come. They had an eye toward the future, and their long-range vision was fulfilled as a result of the efforts they made to improve their community.

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SOURCE: https://www.watertowndailytimes.com

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