At 104, she knows better than to talk about politics

Aug 27, 2020 411

BY: John Howell

Libby DelGiudice hasn’t lost her Italian accent even though she was born in this country 104 years ago. Libby, who lived in Cranston for 65 years before moving to be with her daughter Victoria Gibb in Coventry, celebrated the occasion with lunch Friday at Avvio Ristorante in Garden City. It was a low-key affair with Victoria, her niece Diane DelBonis and the youngest of her siblings – “the baby of the family” – Rose Antonelli, who is a mere 87.

Her brother, Frank Montecalvo, who lives in Johnston and will be turning 100 in December, didn’t join the party but was certain to be in attendance at a slightly bigger family gathering Sunday with strawberry shortcake and, surely, red wine. Libby has a glass every day and she credits it, along with good eating, for her longevity.

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