Little Italy Midwest launches with free membership

Jan 04, 2024 1337

Little Italy Foundation launches Little Italy Midwest and offers free memberships for all Italian Americans living in the Midwest. The Little Italy Foundation was founded in 2021 by founder Jennifer Caito-Ellingson for the purpose of saving the Little Italy enclave in the Des Moines Iowa area.

However, in her leadership with other Italian American organizations she quickly noted that either states next to each other and other parts of the U.S. were not aware of enclaves and a vibrant Italian American community in many parts of the Midwest.

“My focus in the past couple years has become not only towards national awareness of Italian American culture and preservation of, but also the cultural exchange and sharing of Italian American enclaves” explains Jennifer. The focus of Little Italy Midwest is for Italian Americans and supporters of the culture to venture and experience what their “cousins” have to offer. In addition, Little Italy Midwest will collaborate and help organize events for Midwest enclaves to share and grow.

In doing so the Little Italy Foundation and Little Italy Midwest will also become a mentoring center for young Italian American leaders to keep the communities alive and help support the futures of the enclaves in the Midwest.

FREE Membership for Little Italy Midwest will include updates, VIP event invites, cultural exchange opportunities and ways to preserve our culture. Join the famiglia at

About Little Italy Midwest

The Little Italy Foundation and Little Italy Midwest is an advocate on behalf of Italian American enclaves and the previous or current residents who reside to preserve the history and culture of the community through cultural events and exchange, beautification and economic development with resources that exist within the community. Little Italy Foundation is a member of the Council of Presidents of Major Italian American Organizations (COPOMIAO) and founder, Jennifer Caito-Ellingson is a mentor for Italian American Future Leaders (IAFL).

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SOURCE: Little Italy Midwest

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