Festa Italiana set for Saturday in Frontenac, KS

Sep 25, 2019 433

If ravioli, sausage and cannoli sound good to you, then you’re in luck, the Frontenac Education Foundation’s annual Festa Italiana is set for Saturday. Festa has been a tradition for the Frontenac community since 1999. The event was created to relieve some of the costs of college tuition and textbooks. 

At first could only offer $50 scholarships per semester. Now students receive $150 and each year the foundation is able to provide approximately 225 scholarships with a total of approximately $33,000 a year. Festa raised a little over $70,000 through food sample tickets, auction and wine tasting and craft beer from Eagle Beverage last year. 

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SOURCE: https://www.morningsun.net/

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