Duluth's Italian American Club Members Prep for Spaghetti Dinner

May 06, 2019 325

BY: Alejandra Palacios

Duluth's Italian American Club spaghetti dinner is coming up Wednesday, so club members were prepping for the big dinner Sunday at the American Legion. Folks were doing that by making the tasty meatballs that go with the pasta, a team effort to prep meatballs for the expected 1,000 attendees. Club members are making 2,500 meatballs for the event using 300 pounds of meat and lots of good seasoning and bread crumbs.

"We use an ice cream scooper to make our meatballs so they're pretty much uniformed. We cook them and cool them off. We mix them, put sauce on them and then they’re cooled more until Wednesday,” Jim Carroll, a Duluth Italian American Club member, said.

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SOURCE: https://www.wdio.com/

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