St. Monica's Catholic Church hosts dinners to honor St. Joseph

Mar 20, 2019 241

BY: DJ Manou

A massive feast is underway in Mishawaka to honor St. Joseph. St. Monica's Catholic Church is hosting two dinners to feed the community. The church expected hundreds of people to come grab a plate. So many people they needed two different dinners to fit everyone. With that many people, it took a lot of cooking.

People joke that Italians cook enough for a community, but one woman is actually doing that Tuesday. Pam Deal loves to cook. Whether it's pasta sauce or cookies, she knows how to cook in bulk. “My mom was one that cooked for a lot of people. So I was used to being able to cook for a lot of people and not thing it was a chore,” said Deal. Last year she baked cookies and cannolis for the St. Joseph Day feast.

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